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Turner FM were contracted to install an approved insulated render system to Your Homes Newcastle's housing stock, comprising three six story blocks, BISF properties and 2-storey housing.

What we did

We improved the energy efficiency as well as renewing the look of the blocks through the installation of an insulated render system. In line with our general practice, local labour and supply chain partners were used throughout the contract. The original specifications for the job included:

  • Installation of Alsecco External Wall Insulation System
  • Balcony upgrades
  • Cosmetic upgrades to window panels
  • Removal of old and install of new cast downpipes
  • Gas flue extensions
  • Application of brick slip
  • Replace communal doors
  • Bin store upgrades

As the projects progressed additional works were added by Your Homes Newcastle including:

  • Install of safety measures on the roof
  • Balcony steel work repairs
  • Waterproofing balcony floors and painting ceils
  • Hard & soft environmental fabric repairs and upgrades
  • Mastic work to the exterior each block
  • General related repairs
  • Cosmetic upgrades

To ensure effective engagement and mediation with the tenants, owners and the local authority or Housing Association, we appointed a site-based Tenant Liaison Officer for the duration of the contract, accessible to both tenants and owners. Regular newsletters were issued to keep all those effected up to date.

The Results

We increased the environmental efficiency of each block through the use of better performing insulation, making each block more efficient in containing heat, so minimising its environmental impact and resulting in a substantial monetary saving for their occupants in their heating bills.

In the words of the client:

"Great job completed to budget within the timeframe agreed. Very pro-active in communicating with tenants and in addressing any problems" - Norman Peter, Technical Surveyor, Your Homes Newcastle.

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