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After a multi-million pound investment by News UK into the latest print technology in 2004, Turner FM won contracts to provide facilities management services at 3 sites for Newsprinters. We have operated at Eurocentral near Glasgow on a 14 acre site, since December 2006. The Knowsley site in Liverpool commenced in July 2007, the 31 acre site having been extensively refurbished to house 5 printing presses. From December 2007, Turner FM has provided services at Broxbourne in Hertfordshire. Broxbourne is the world’s largest printing plant covering 40 acres and housing 12 printing presses over an area the size of 23 football pitches. 

What we did

Turner FM took over the management of facility services at the sites after construction was completed. Our challenge was to establish site operational systems to support the core business activity of Newsprinters and to ensure that the facilities remain functional at all times to allow the printing, collation and distribution of newspapers and periodicals.

This has been successfully achieved and the way the services have been developed can be demonstrated by some of the awards that we have won in the intervening years. These include the Environmental Awareness Award for Knowsley at the Golden Service Awards in 2013, the Environmental Initiative of the Year Award for Eurocentral in the Security Excellence Awards in 2011 and the Shingo Prize for Eurocentral in 2014 -  a prize for International Recognition for Operational Excellence awarded by the Shingo Institute.

The results

Adopting an open - book approach has enabled Turner FM to have a true partnership with Newsprinters. This ensures there is transparency on financial matters for the services provided, with a continual review of costs and service delivery.

Newsprinters’ aspirations are to offer world class service and they have 3 sites that are regarded as centres of excellence within the printing industry. Working closely together and having a joint understanding ensures that Newsprinters obtain value for money and are able to achieve their goals.

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