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Our challenge was to apply the Inspection Requirements of Practitioners Guide 01/09 "Inspections of Fuel Infrastructure and Flammable Goods Facilities", produce documents that were fully compliant and cut the costs to the Regional Prime Contract Scotland (RPCS) at the same time.

What we did

Under MoD JSP 375 Volume 3 Safe Systems of Work, Chapter 5 required the Authorising Engineer -  Petroleum to review the condition of the Petroleum Fuel Infrastructure and Flammable Goods Facilities during his audit. We recognised that the Authorising Engineer - Petroleum, working in conjunction with the Authorised Person – Petroleum, had an intimate knowledge of the Infrastructure and Facilities in their appointed locations. By adding extra time to the Authorising Engineer’s site visit, he then had sufficient resource to complete a thorough examination of the installations.

As an added incentive, it was in the Authorising Engineer’s - Petroleum and Authorised Person’s - Petroleum interest to achieve accurate and concise Infrastructure and Facilities documentation to ensure their own safety and that of others.

The results

By running the Authorising Engineer - Petroleum audits concurrently with The Practitioners Guide 01/09 “Inspection of Fuel Infrastructure and Flammable Goods Facilities” report, costs have been cut by approximately 40%, along with achieving increased accuracy.

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