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As part of our role as an asset management, project management and support services provider, we have always worked to improve our delivery performance by implementing a focused management strategy. This has been based on a clear understanding of our operational capabilities, the application of these capabilities to the contract deliverables and the use of data capture and interrogation to create a review tool for any necessary corrective action.

What we did

Improving the quality of service is central to our business philosophy. We instilled robust Performance Management practices, tailored to each contract and aligned to define performance measurements and we monitored these to improve the quality of service through continuous improvement.

We utilised our Information System’s suite of reports as a data platform to extract and analyse information from various input sources. Examples of the information analysed were:

  • Commercial and contract compliance
  • Helpdesk calls answered within prescribed time
  • Asset statutory compliance
  • Emergency response to critical assets
  • Response to reactive maintenance tasks
  • Time taken to achieve task completion and reinstatement of services 
  • Utilities usage
  • Carbon and monetary savings through utility analysis

We then undertook analysis to identify both positive or negative trends and, in either case, initiate the appropriate corrective action. This was achieved through investigation of outputs from the data platform to identify necessary improvements or changes which required improved process development, supply chain development, increased resources, re-structuring or improved auditing requirements. 

We also provided a web- based dashboard accessible by our clients, supply chain and contract delivery team, providing a snapshot of data relating to the performance of the contract, along with the ability to interrogate or export the data behind the dashboard.

The results

The overall result was an improved contract delivery strategy which ensured our clients could rely on us to support them in the successful delivery of their business. We were also able to clearly demonstrate our ability to create value through our BS EN 11000-1:2010 certification which is focused on collaborative business relationships.

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