Intelligent Asset Management


As part of our role as Prime Contractor to the Ministry of Defence throughout Scotland, we delivered an Intelligent Asset Management service to an 8000- strong asset base supporting operational output. 4500 of these assets were operational and the remainder were housing stock.

The client had recognised that the estate was ageing, in a deteriorating condition and configured to support an obsolete operation. As a result it was the wrong size, in the wrong condition, unfit for purpose and occasionally in the wrong location.

What we did

We tailored our intelligent asset management approach to deliver both the information and the savings necessary for the investment to re-shape and refurbish the asset base. 

In order to deliver the investment planning information and savings in an objective manner, all asset- related information was gathered into a single management information system. Using IBM Maximo, we delivered an operating system which used data on the condition, utilisation, compliance and hazards to redefine the maintenance programme and to define the investment programme. Further system functionality was added to deliver factual, objective business cases to support investment on the basis of delivering maximum return on investment.

The operating system and all data was transparently available to the client in order to manage our performance in delivery and asset compliance,  as well as the asset  base performance in supporting MoD operational output.

In preparation for delivery, assets were assigned an operational priority and the requirements for planned and reactive maintenance were targeted accordingly. From this analysis, planned maintenance tasks were reduced from 240,000 per annum to 165,000.

Condition and utilisation data was collected and evaluated to define an investment programme for rationalisation (by sale and/or demolition) and renovation. Similarly, condition and utilisation factors were evaluated to establish new build requirements as part of a capital works investment programme. 

The Results

The deployment of our transparent Intelligent Asset Management system delivered control to the client in the management of our service delivery, asset compliance and investment and estate transformation.

The use of real-time data to develop investment programmes and the supporting business cases represented a step change in value for money and maximised return on investment for MoD. Savings of £85M were realised over the contract period from the agreed reductions in maintenance tasks.

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