We’re the kind of company
you can rely on

We help clients in sectors from housing to manufacturing, commercial and government. And we don’t just repair and maintain; we proactively show businesses how their facilities could be more efficient. It’s an approach that saves our customers millions of pounds a year.

As a family-owned business, we’re proud to say we’ve gained a reputation for being a solid, friendly company that people from all industries rely on.

Our story

Turner FM started life in 1992, supporting the Ministry of Defence in some pretty tough environments around the world. Initially, we operated and maintained their power plants, engines and generators until, as a direct result of the quality of our delivered service, the MOD asked us to expand our remit to service and maintain their building  and infrastructure assets, including air conditioning, heating, lighting and electrical systems. Now, delivering them intelligent facilities management, we look after their entire property portfolio.

Our partnership experience with the MOD has allowed us to develop compliant processes and IT systems for our other clients and - along with the valuable supplier relationships we've built - to use our skills in other sectors. For example, we integrate services at News UK across England and Scotland. We're helping West Dunbartonshire Council upgrade their housing, bringing over 1000 homes up to Scottish Quality Housing Standards. We deliver key services to Rugeley power station in Staffordshire and we supply professional cleaning services to multiple sites across the UK.

Our approach

We don't just do facilities management... we do intelligent asset management.

Yes, we can plan and deliver property maintenance and repair or maintain a cleaning contract – in fact we can integrate the entire spectrum of FM services. But the difference is, we also manage information about your facilities using our in-house systems and use it to drive innovation, transformation and service improvements – as well as saving you time and money.

We call it intelligent asset management.

We supply these services ourselves, where we think that approach will offer you the best value or we can deliver them through an established supply chain of proven specialists. These are companies we’ve developed long-term relationships with – so we can vouch for their impressive levels of service. We also prefer to build relationships with local suppliers, ensuring jobs and wealth are retained locally.
Our reputation – like our long relationships with our clients – is a result of the high standards of service we maintain. That, along with making sure our clients are always happy with what we do, is our main concern.

Our work

Our people

We believe that building good, open and honest relationships – with suppliers, with each other and with our clients – is one of the cornerstones of successful business. So we make sure you always have a name and a face to deal with. Whether it’s an engineer or a board director, you’ll always have access to the person you need.

All our work is managed by staff who are always prepared to go the extra mile to ensure we deliver a quality service. Our people are trained to work with our clients in a transparent manner, ensuring we are an extension of your business, delivering transparency through ‘open book’ accounting and good communication.

Our values

Our values are born out of experience of what works and what doesn't. So we live them every working day, rather than simply paying lip service to them to try and make ourselves sound good. Just ask our clients.


If we say we’re going to do something, we do it. Every time.


This is a people business, plain and simple. We’ve learned that respect and sharing ideas goes a long way.

Employee relations

Everyone here is treated equally, fairly and respectfully in a safe, secure environment.


We have long relationships with our clients, our suppliers and our own people - 25 years isn’t unusual here. That’s all down to good communication.


By ensuring we have a sustainable profit model, we can make sure our people have stable jobs and we can reinvest in the business to give our clients the service they deserve.


There’s no point doing something five days a week if you don’t enjoy it. We get genuine pleasure from the satisfaction of exceeding our clients’ expectations.

Accreditations & Awards

Our reputation – like our long relationships with our clients – is a result of the high standards of service we maintain. That, along with making sure our customers are always happy with what we do, is our main concern.

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